Across my research projects, I focus on two types of relationships that exist in the workplace: one’s relationship with other people, and one’s relationship with the work itself (i.e., motivation and orientation toward work).

Below is a summary of my recent research papers and works in progress for each stream.

1. Interpersonal relationships at work

  • "Organizational minimum pay increases and social comparisons" with Amy Wrzesniewski and Jim Baron (Reject & Resubmit at Organization Science)

  • "Motivation and partners in entrepreneurship" with Jihae Shin

  • "Finding a home: Exposure to potential paths and specialty choice of medical students" with Amy Wrzesniewski

  • "Workplace relationship and career outcomes" with Rodrigo Canales

  • "Working with robots in the recycling sorting industry" with Amy Wrzesniewski

2. Individuals' relationships with their work

  • "How work orientation impacts objective career outcomes via managerial (mis)perceptions" with Winnie Jiang* (Published in Academy of Management Journal) Link

  • "Boredom, multitasking, and creativity at work" with Jihae Shin and Nancy Rothbard (Under review)

  • "Foothold or springboard? Contrasting goals associated with extrinsic motivation" with Amy Wrzesniewski

  • "Boomerang employment for layoff victims" with Rebecca Paluch*

  • "In times of crisis: How crises affect attitudes toward work" with Winnie Jiang*

  • "Job crafting" with Amy Wrzesniewski (in Oxford Bibliographies in Management. New York: Oxford University Press) Link

†denotes manuscript names redacted for reviews
*denotes equal authorship